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Pilea is also known as, ‘Chinese Money Plant’.  It grows leaves in a characteristic coin shape, hence, the nick name.  This plant is grown typically indoors, but also does fine outside in the shade.  These plants are slightly different from basic succulent care, but are similar - Pilea also like their soil dry between waterings (but NOT bone dry) and they prefer their soil to be moist, not soggy.  Watering once a week minimum should be fine to start out and adjusting your watering schedule according to the plants lighting and air circulation situation would be appropriate.  Pilea also bend and grow toward the light, so experts recommend rotations for even growth.

Specimens listed for sale are in 4-inch pots.

NOTE:  Plants may look dehydrated upon arrival, this is done purposefully to prevent any breakage during shipping.  Please pot and water right away!

Shipping days are Mondays.
All plants will be shipped semi-BARE ROOT, meaning, no pot and some soil.