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Opuntia ‘Violet Prickly Pear’ Cutting
Opuntia ‘Violet Prickly Pear’ Cutting

Opuntia ‘Violet Prickly Pear’ Cutting

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Opuntia gosseliniana (also known as ‘Santa Rita’) is like a regular Prickly Pear, but it has a pinkish-purpleish color to its body.

The color intensity of these specimens will vary depending on season, temperature, and watering habits -- some will be more green than others and some will be more purple than others.
This listing is for cuttings.  Use the drop-down menu to choose a size.

WARNING:  Please be careful when opening your package! Open the box and unwrap the plant with gloves! There will be hairlike spines everywhere in the box! You must use tongs or gloves in order to handle this plant. Hairlike spines will stick to clothing.



  • These guys enjoy plenty of indirect sunlight.  Water these babies DEEPLY and INFREQUENTLY.  Water more frequently in warmer seasons.  Planting this plant in porous soil or in a cactus/succulent mix is recommended for healthy growth.

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All plants will be shipped BARE ROOT, meaning, no pot and no soil.