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Kalanchoe ‘Kiwi’ Cuttings

Kalanchoe ‘Kiwi’ Cuttings

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This listing is for a small box of Kalanchoe ‘Kiwi’ cuttings. A small box will contain approximately 6 to 10 cuttings (no roots) that will range from 2 to 6 inches tall.

Our goal for these boxes will be to fill it as much as possible!

Plants are living things and will vary in color and shape.

Plants will be cut one day before they are packed and shipped to keep the cuttings fresh.


  • Cuttings are so fun to work with!  After the cut portion of the stem is dried and calloused, stick the plant in soil and water normally.  Roots should grow in two to three weeks.  Cuttings can also be water propagated to promote root growth too!
  • These guys enjoy PLENTY of indirect sunlight.  Water these babies DEEPLY and INFREQUENTLY.  Water more frequently in warmer seasons.  Planting this plant in porous soil or in a cactus/succulent mix is recommended for healthy growth.

Shipping days are Mondays.
All plants will be shipped BARE ROOT, meaning, no pot and no soil.

WARNING:  Kalanchoe plants are toxic to ALL house pets and humans.  Please keep away from animals and children.