5% of ALL profits for the month of December will go to Rescue.org

About Us

We believe in changing the world one act at a time.  We believe each of us can do something to change the tide toward positivity and love in this ocean of chaotic energy.  The drive behind Kind Succulents is hope.  We want to share our love of plants with each order and we believe this gesture will vibrate into other parts of our lives as a glimmer of something bigger and brighter.

At Kind Succulents, we participate in the fight against social injustices, the degradation of natural lands, the protection of wildlife, and support animal sanctuaries.  With each purchase, 5% of the profits will be donated to charities working toward our goal of positivity.  Which organization the donation goes to will be rotated throughout the year.  Keep up with us on Instagram (@kind.succulents) to see which charity we switch over to each month!